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Even though we've been around since 1993, we are still a pretty small and unknown non-profit. We'd love to give you resources to raise awareness for who we are, who we are helping, and what we are doing!



We love hosting teams fromm our international community and you would be most welcome! We can set you up working alongside us in one of our projects and see lives changed together!



We are kicking off a lot of projects and would appreciate your partnership in gaining resources! We can work with you to find a way to ship in books, hygiene items, and other supplies. We also greatly appreciate financial donations that allow us to purchase resources here and invest in the local economy. Your partnership means the world to us!

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ANBI Informatie / Donation Information for the Netherlands

Stichting ACORN is recognized by the tax authorities in the Netherlands as an organization with ANBI status (Public Benefit Organization). Gifts to ACORN can therefore be deductible for tax purposes in the Netherlands. The following information is in part in Dutch as a part of complying with ANBI requirements:

Stichting ACORN is door de Belastingdienst erkend als ANBI, een tot Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling. Hierdoor kan giften aan Stichting ACORN fiscaal aftrekbaar zijn.

KVK nummer: 41213058

RSIN nummer: 8093.20.393

Post/bezoekadres: Kadijksplein 18, 1018 AC Amsterdam, Nederland

Tel: +31 (0)20 530 2142


Doelstelling / Statutory Purpose: 

The purpose of ACORN is the preparing and sending out of volunteers with the motivation and skills that will enable them to fulfill serving and advisory roles in other cultures, and further, whatever directly or indirectly relates to or furthers such roles in the broadest sense of the word. 

Hoofdlijnen van het Beleidsplan / Main points of our Strategic Plan:

This purpose will be accomplished by:

A. Mobilizing and sending out skilled volunteers in relief and development service among the poor and needy;

B. Teaching volunteers, where such training does not exist, by:

     a. Short courses and day seminars

     b. Intensive training programs (1 to 3 years including theory and practical experience)

    c. Study trips: combination of lectures and travel in another culture to learn sensitivity in inter-cultural relations

     d. Internships with existing institutions doing relief and development work

     e. Taking part in study programs at universities and other training institutes;

C. Field placement of volunteers in:

     a. First aid and elementary medical care

     b. Education and primary health care

     c. Cooperation in bringing renewal and building-up (both with materials and advice)

    d. Teaching one or more foreign languages

     e. Teaching mother tongue literacy

     f. Assistance in the event of natural disasters, fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes etc

     g. Temporary help for refugees

     h. Stimulating the start up of small employment projects

     i. Cultural exchange programs that promote brotherhood and friendship

     j. Other matters which are in accordance with the spirit of the foundation.

Our vision is for lasting improvements in the quality of life for vulnerable and isolated communities in disadvantaged regions of the world.

Our mission as a Dutch non-governmental development agency is to implement multi-sectoral relief and development projects with local communities, building their capacity and public services.

Currently that is being done by two teams of volunteers in Northern Iraq and in Djibouti. Planned activities include assisting internally displaced and refugees in Northern Iraq via a learning center and teacher training and in Djibouti providing a mobile library addressing literacy skills and life skills training, working in refugee camps, and women's programs. 

Finances for these projects are raised through donations by supporters and in some cases through local or international partners. 

Bestuursamenstelling / Board members:

Voorzitter / Chair:  Rodney Keith Thorpe

Penningmeester / Treasurer:  Robert Alan Swank

Secretaris / Secretary:  Stephen Andrew Ashworth

Beloningsbeleid: Alle medewerkers van Stichting ACORN, inclusief het bestuur, zijn vrijwilligers en ontvangen geen beloning of vergoeding voor hun  inzet, diensten of werkzaamheden. Alleen gemaakte onkosten die medewerkers redelijkerwijs hebben door hun functie bij de stichting mogen vergoed worden aan een medewerker, inclusief het bestuur.  

Actueel verslagen van uitgeoefende activiteithen zijn beschickbaar hier: 

    ACORN Northern Iraq          ACORN Djibouti 

Financiële Verantwoording

Alle inkomsten van de stichting worden voor 100% gebruikt ten gunste van de doelstelling van de stichting.


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