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A New Force Since 2016



Joining the Community

ACORN Djibouti was registered in 2016 and instantly set to work coming alongside existing aid structures in Djibouti. We've partnered with English schools, medical clinics, and local unions to build up the community and get ourselves established so we can be as effective as possible in our own projects.



Bringing Books and Inspiration to the People of Djibouti

Investing in the next generation is one of the surest ways to bring a community out of crisis and into a place where they can develop and have lasting results. Our team is now running our Mobile Library to bring supplementary reading materials and workshops to regions in Djibouti where there are existing school networks but few resources. We want to invest in the next generation, instill in them a love for reading and for learning, make it fun, and encourage them as they transform and develop their communities!

The ACORN Djibouti Team!


Beyond Books

While our primary project is the Mobile Library where we bring books to those without access, we have developed other programs as well that work to engage Djiboutians holistically and build capacity for education and community development.

With the rise of English as an international language, we've discovered Djiboutians are eager to learn! We regularly teach English courses and host conversations classes to encourage the desire for further learning and increase capacity in Djibouti for international business.

One of the most noticeable problems in Djibouti is that many people leave their garbage on the streets. We've set out with our workshop Trash to Treasure to raise awareness of the effects of poor waste management and the many creative ways people have found around the world to reduce negative impact on the planet.

An addition workshop we run is Reading Rocks!, a program that gives students tools to be excellent readers. We share with students how to boost their comprehension and enjoyment as they read! We believe that investing in this love of learning will result in students feeling they can learn anything and achieve anything!

Currently, we are developing workshops in topics like budgeting, nutrition, fitness, computer basics, anger management, and many other areas. 

Occasionally, we also facilitate the distribution of school materials to villages with no access to materials.

If you know of any locations that would appreciate our services, we would love to hear from you! You can email us at

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